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BPF 2018

Bengaluru Poetry Festival

The 3rd edition of Bengaluru Poetry Festival is scheduled to be held on the 4th and 5th of August 2018 at The Leela Palace. The festival has once again attracted a number of internationally recognized poets and artistes who have confirmed their participation and the stage is set for another weekend of incredible poetry performances for literary connoisseurs of Bangalore.

Bookstalkist together with the Bengaluru Poetry Festival brings to you a series of articles on Poetry and its People under the flag #PaperPlanes.

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Life in Chhattisgarh starts with agriculture and ends with the gold called harvested paddy. But one shouldn’t be in darkness and understand that because it is an agrarian society, it did not have the evils of caste, class, gender discrimination.

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Shakespeare, a popular sonneteer did away with all this convention and craved his own sets of rules onto this poetic form. In his hands, the sonnet was divided into three quatrains and a closing couplet. With regard to volta, that was also subject to his whims, sometimes occurring in the ninth line and more often than not, in the closing couplet.

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This piece is also full of conceits and the one which attracts my attention is when he talks about the iron gates of life, it is actually a women’s hymen, as vulgar as it sounded to me then ,these are feminine parts which were never a taboo and poets wrote freely about it.

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You will only begin to gain an idea of the powerhouse that Percy Bysshe Shelley was and to think he was less than 30 when he died in an unfortunate storm. But it would have taken nothing less to bring such a man down!