Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act

Bangalore International Centre

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the individual is the power. We do not need the country or organizations like the UN to solve the problems. We as individuals can bring about a change if we can put our mind to it.

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The word Lingayat occurs in Vachana texts only 67 times and that too after the post-Basava period. However, the term ‘Sharana’ occurs more than 4000 times implying that the original identity marker was not Lingayat or Veera Shaiva but ‘Sharana’. According to him, ‘Lingayat’ and ‘Veerashaiva’ are caste-based identity markers while Sharana is the quality based marker. Also, the Vachananakaras did not intend to create a new faith or Dharma, but a new Ethics or culture.

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Speaking about the perils of stigmatization of capitalism in our country, Arvind Subramanian said, “Capitalism has been stigmatized over the years. This has made it extremely difficult for India to embrace capitalism wholeheartedly. Good regulations are important and we can’t embrace market and capitalism completely. The fear that we would keep helping the private sector, is the kiss of death. World over, we are seeing a greater role for the state.”