Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act

Imraan Coovadia

3 min read

The receding clear lines between the rural and urban, and the long-standing fascination of migrating to cities that he has seen in his childhood, himself, is another aspect. The very thought of how families are willing to move from the open countryside to “ant boxes”, and the stories that churn out from these dynamics, he says are what pushed him to write on cities.

3 min read

Like Rajorshi, she took the narrative to a different level, she recalled an incident where her publisher wrote the blurb of a book as the stories of women whereas in reality, the book only had 4 Stories, out of all, about woman. To which Ambai argued that if a man writes about lives of men then the blurb doesn’t say that it is about man but lives. This universality which is from man’s lives is what Ambai questions.