Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act

Jairam Ramesh

2 min read

adhaar’s work was limited to only tell you who you were and not to tell you what benefits you were entitled to. It was a technological tool to help government cut out duplication but everything changed after 2014 (when BJP came into power) to which the moderator questioned his pro-aadhaar stand in 2009 and Jairam Ramesh explained it as a beginning and not as a solution to solve exclusion errors of government schemes. To quote him “I believed in a different Aadhaar which was Aadhaar 1.0’’.

3 min read

Indira was the first Indian prime minister to begin a discussion on conservation of nature. Indira was the only Indian prime minister who took a personal interest in the environmental protection while all her successors leave it to their Environmental Ministry.