Watch | TheSeer Interviews – Priyanka Pradhan | Author – Tales from the Himalayas

TheSeer team spoke with the author of ‘Tales from the Himalayas’, Priyanka Pradhan, who opened up on her journey as a writer, themes from her stories, the process of getting your first book published and much more. Watch.

Priyanka Pradhan in conversation with Jeevanayagi

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Video: TheSeer Interviews Anuradha Beniwal

Anuradha Beniwal is a prolific traveller. She has been travelling in India and has also covered a lot of European countries. In 2016, she authored her first book about her solo travel experiences in Europe. The book Aazadi Mera Brand, published by Rajkamal Prakashan was well received. She has been a national Chess champion and currently works as a chess coach in London. Bhumika Soni from TheSeer, spoke with her about books, travels, and life at large.

You can read the review of her book Aazadi Mera Brand here:… You can buy her book here:

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