Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act

Abhishek Jha

Founder Writer and Editor at The Seer.
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Thanks to our enslaved mindset, there was a time when ‘Gandhi’ fetched votes.

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अपराध बनाम राजनीति। अपराध क्या है? राजनीति क्या है? क्या दोनों एक दूसरे के पर्याय…

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A constitutional patriot must also be able to feel shame at the failures of his state and have a desire to correct them. Most of the leaders of freedom struggle including Gandhi acknowledged this and worked towards a course correction. Guha further quoted Tagore and Gandhi to drive the true meaning of patriotism and nationalism.

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“I was looking at the end of my career when T20 came in. I played my first T20 for Surrey. Yes, World Cup victory in 2007 changed the entire scene. I played 3 IPLs. The first one was a major challenge. While it took me 4 overs to warm up otherwise, I had to produce results in 4 overs in IPL. It was said that the RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) was the best test team of the century. Everything was against us.”, Anil Kumble quipped in his inimitable style.

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Davar admitted that both the armies shared a common root and hence there is a sense of admiration but the attitude from the other side had been myopic and they have harboured a pathological and obsessive hatred towards India. In the same breath, he also appealed to all the political parties that when it came to the issues of national security, they must not politicize them.

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Contrary to popularly held usual suspects like malnourishment, parents’ non-cooperation, teachers’ salary and other associated incentives, Duflo holds the ‘tyranny of the curriculum’ to be the major roadblock for a child transitioning from ‘learn-to-read’ to ‘read-to-learn’ space. The race of completing the curriculum irrespective of what children can do makes it a challenging experience for the students and the teachers alike. Right to Education has only pushed this thought further into our schooling systems.