Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act


3 min read

We always have tried to treat our physical pains without bothering to address its connection to psychological suffering. From quitting WhatsApp groups to suicidal instincts, you will relate to a lot of seemingly trivial things which are symptoms of chronic suffering. The book advocates ‘consciousness’ as a technique and inculcating the habit of ‘being present’ to dissolve the emotional blocks within you.

7 min read

The word Lingayat occurs in Vachana texts only 67 times and that too after the post-Basava period. However, the term ‘Sharana’ occurs more than 4000 times implying that the original identity marker was not Lingayat or Veera Shaiva but ‘Sharana’. According to him, ‘Lingayat’ and ‘Veerashaiva’ are caste-based identity markers while Sharana is the quality based marker. Also, the Vachananakaras did not intend to create a new faith or Dharma, but a new Ethics or culture.

5 min read

The beach was buzzing with crowd but a lone bench was waiting for me. I sat there  training my eyes to the growing darkness while trying to spot the faintest stars up on the January sky. She called out to me. “Didi, buy one of these to help me”.

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The receding clear lines between the rural and urban, and the long-standing fascination of migrating to cities that he has seen in his childhood, himself, is another aspect. The very thought of how families are willing to move from the open countryside to “ant boxes”, and the stories that churn out from these dynamics, he says are what pushed him to write on cities.

4 min read

Referring to a conversation with his friend who is a Chennai Super Kings fan, Gideon told the audience that he was amazed to see that for the 2 years that the CSK was out of action, his friend was just waiting for his team to come back instead of switching his loyalties.