Communism or Alcoholism? Understanding the overstated!

Mr. Narendra Modi had just completed a year in office and ‘India’s National Newspaper since 1878’ was fraught with performance analyses, reviews, report cards and the habitual slander for Government’s first year. Amidst the chaos, a dormant voice tried to make the best of the opportunity. The newly anointed Captain of a sunken ship not-so-fondly remembered as CPI with an (M) wrote a column in The Hindu of May 24, 2015. Mr. Sitaram Yechury who had just been appointed as the General Secretary a month back likened Mr. Modi to King Louis XV of France. The waning fortunes of the communist school of thought, or shall I say communist school of anti-thought is an interesting field of study. Why exactly Communism couldn’t become a rage in India as many of the anti-thinkers would have liked it to become? Mr. Yechury unwittingly spits out the answer in his article. He mentions – “Attacks on Muslim minorities and targeting Christian churches in particular have grown exponentially.” I can allude such a statement to nothing but an extra peg of whisky. Why? Before I answer that, remember that his essay was published on the 24th of May of this year i.e. 2015. Now, bring me a shovel and a spade for we are going to do some history digging.

17th Feb 2015 – Rupa Subramanya wrote for the FirstPost under the title – Crying Wolf: The narrative of the ‘Delhi Church attacks’ flies in the face of facts. A few salient points from the article are as under-cited –

The first of these six alleged attacks, the fire that resulted in the burning of St. Sebastian Church in Dilshad Garden, is currently under investigation by a Special Investigative Team (SIT) set up by the Home Ministry shortly after the incident occurred in December.

In a second incident in Jasola it was alleged that a group of miscreants threw a stone and shattered a window pane. The police commissioner, as reported here by a news editor and here said it was due to a group of kids playing outside, which resulted in a stone landing inside the church. There is no evidence as yet of any communal angle.

The third incident in Rohini, in which the Christmas crib was charred, was determined by the police to be the result of an electrical short circuit.

The fourth incident in Vikaspuri, in which a small group of men allegedly vandalised a church, turned out to be the result of a drunken dare. What’s more, they were caught on CCTV and arrested shortly thereafter by the police and have confessed to the crime. Again, there’s no evidence whatsoever of a communal angle.

The fifth incident in Vasant Kunj, allegedly a case of burglary, is currently under investigation by the police.

The sixth and most recent incident, in Vasant Vihar, of a burglary at a Christian school, has been determined by the police and the school itself to be a case of theft— Rs. 8,000 was reported to have been stolen — again, no communal angle.

For detailed reading of the report, go to

Let us turn to The Indian Express (where Mrs. Seema Chisti, the captain’s wife is a Resident Editor according to the Wikipedia) of the same date. Could it be that they don’t even get the Indian Express with their morning tea? Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. B.S. Bassi told the Government that such incidents were the doings of small time miscreants and more such incidents had occurred for other places of worship too. The article presents the data on the thefts in the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 till Feb 2, 2015 in a tabular form –


In report on church attacks, Bassi told Centre: Theft in 206 temples last year

3-3-3-1 amounts to an exponential increase. Marxmatics – it is called. Now, I hope Mr. Sitaram Yechury didn’t start writing his column before these facts came out. I fervently hope that he doesn’t have any special liaison with the investigating agencies to fetch information that are not presented to the court but only at his office. If not, then there are more damning questions to be asked to a leader of a ‘National Party’ who is supposed to be a tad more responsible in his outpourings. His article was published on May 14th, long after the facts came out in public domain about truth and perspective of such attacks. So what was Mr. Yechury trying to achieve? Why did he commit such a hara-kiri?

  1. His paperboy went on a long leave, he didn’t pay for his DTH services, or he was writing to see if he could still write. Once finished, he thought it better to send to some newspaper instead of aiming for the dustbin, and our Editor obliged.
  2. He observed/rediscovered that anything against the Government sells (the popular media must thank the communists for inventing this formula for higher TRPs, for the record I know the meaning of TRP and also the full form of it – Tawdry Rating Point!) and this added to the virulent nature of his rhetoric.
  3. He wants Christians to not feel safe in this country and leave for any Pakistan that is made for Christians.

If reason 1 is true, the man must be left at peace to deal with himself and his withdrawal symptoms.

Reason 2 gives you the exact reason why Communism has been nothing except an anti-theory for all the progressive theories of the world. An anti-(anything), anything may refer to success, progress, development, better ideas, better politicians, better leaders, better socialists, better communists; sweepingly anything better than them under the sun with the exception of China and Russia. They are the eternal companions. They can do no wrong. So, what was Mr. Sitaram Yechury thinking? Maybe he thought he would get away with it, and quite clearly he did. When the Editor of ‘India’s National Newspaper since 1878’ gives a green (or is red the new green for such dailies?) for such a malicious attempt at polarizing the country, who cares for the mere mortals like us?
Reason 3? The captain should be booked for misrepresenting facts and committing fraud with the citizens of the country. In his attempt to draw parallels between Mr. Modi and Louis XV, I hope he doesn’t see in himself a Robert Francois Damiens who attempted a failed assassination of the king.

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