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Land of Fairies – 1st Runner-Up for the StoryBaaz Kids Story Writing Contest

Once there was a girl called Amber. She was clever, smart, and brave. She believed in fairies and always dreamt of meeting one, until that’s exactly what happened! She was asleep and dreaming that a fairy came to live with her when she got the feeling that someone was watching her. She woke up. When she turned to see who it was, she saw a blue-green mist. Then the mist took shape and became a fairy. The fairy said, “Hello, my name is Misty, and I have come to fetch help”. Amber couldn’t believe that she was meeting a real fairy.

“Hi, my name is Amber”, she said. Misty said, “my friend Long-hair stole my magic wand, which has all my powers. Now I will take you to my land with little of the powers that I have left; and when you get there, you must go to a wizard and get a spell which can help me get my wand back”. Amber was confused. She asked Misty, “but why have you come to me for help?”

Misty replied, “because, you are clever, smart and brave! And, you believe in fairies.” 

“Ok”, said Amber, “take me to your land and I’ll help you.” Suddenly Amber felt a tingling sensation, and the next moment, she was in the Land of Fairies. Amber followed Misty, as she led her to the wizard’s house. Amber went in. The place was a mess. Spells were scattered everywhere. The wizard sat on an armchair, with a black cat next to him. Amber spoke, “Wizard, I need a spell to help a friend get something back”. The wizard said, “Ok, but first answer a question – what is my name?” Amber thought hard, and she saw the black cat flex its arms back and forth. Amber looked at the cat and said, “Is it, Wizard Strong?”

“No”, said the wizard.
“Wizard Mighty?” Amber asked again.
“Correct!” said the wizard. “I’ll give you the spell”, exclaimed the wizard.

“Here it is!” He handed Amber a box.

She took it, thanked the wizard, winked at the black cat, and left. Misty was waiting outside the wizard’s house. Misty and Amber went to Long-hair’s house. When they got there, Long-hair was playing with Misty’s magic wand. Misty handed over the box with the spell.

Long-hair was so happy to see the spell that she apologized to Misty and returned her magic wand.

Misty said, “Thank you, Amber, this is a present for you”. Misty put a blue-green mist in Amber’s hand, which turned into a shell with a picture of Misty on it.

“Thank you”, said Amber, “…now, can you take me back home?”

“Yes, close your eyes and you’ll be back home”, said Misty. Amber closed her eyes, and the next moment she was back in her bed. She never saw Misty again, but every time she saw the shell with Misty’s picture on it, she happily remembered her adventure in the Land of Fairies.


About the Writer: Mira Sharat, aged 8 years, studies in Class 3 and lives in Bangalore. She likes to read books and listen to jokes. Her favourite authors are Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. When she is not reading, she loves to cycle and to do hula hoops. 

Cover Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

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