The Dream that is Paris


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19 thoughts on “The Dream that is Paris

  1. Paris has always been on my top of places to visit in my bucket list! Your presentation of this blog post is so nice. Great effort, it turned out beautifully! I hope one day I can also share my trip to Paris like you!

  2. Aaaaah. You hahe revived my lost desires to visit and live at this city. The place looks amazing and romantic. You don’t know how much i pray to visit this place. I like how you made this post. Very unique and beautiful.

  3. Very interesting presentation. Loved the personal touch to this.
    I will need more than a couple of visits to Paris to soak it in well. 🙂 Hope that happens.

  4. Paris is definitely a one of a kind city. I really hope I’ll be able to visit it one day. Wouldn’t it be perfect to meet your soul in the city of love?

  5. I like blog posts written under the form of a letter. Indeed the Eiffel tower stands out by night in the city of lights. And Disneyland is a magic kingdom, where adults become children again.

  6. Paris, ahh my dream city too! I always picture Paris as almost perfect romantic place.. But I can’t deny the reality that is happening now in Paris – bombing, robbery, pick pockets and its scary.. Paris will always be picture perfect in my books, and movies.


  7. I love paris! It’s such a beautiful city. I’ve never been to Disney. But I would love to go. It’s great to hear you loved Disney land.

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