The Useless Majority & Afzal Guru’s martyrdom!

In India, if you are to die, if at all you are to die in India, and if you want the country and the media to take note of your death, you must tick the following boxes –

  1. You are a Muslim or speak/write about Muslims. (You might have in reality done nothing for them, and just be earning your bread & butter exploiting their predicament.)
  2. You are a Dalit or speak/write about Dalits. (‘Dalit’ is your favorite catchphrase, and you might be blind to all the so called Capitalists who are doing more for them and their livelihood than you but you believe that every slogan you raise for them amounts to one tukda/piece of bread in their mouth.)
  3. You are a member/sympathizer of whatever is left of the Left.
  4. You are a writer who swears by the Left and the Congress.
  5. You talk/try fragmentation of the country in the garb of high-pitched/lofty ideas of Internationalism and borderless world. (You only swear by the boundaries of castes and classes.)
  6. You are by reality or perception associated with the JNU. (This is a special case where your coughing inside the hostel room will be covered as well, so consider yourself extremely fortunate. Just know that you must cough Leninism/Marxism/Maoism. If you are from JNU and belong to one of the right-wing groups, your JNU tag is as useless as that egg that is found to be rotten after it is boiled.)

If you don’t tick any of these boxes, either don’t die in India or convert so that your death becomes the prime time debate. I strongly condemn the lawyers’ attack on a certain somebody who in his repentance speech (yes, the one that the sympathizers are floating around to shroud the sloganeering video) could give not a single coherent argument and puked his incompetence on an equally dimwit crowd. I believe in the judicial system of this country and the lawyers beating the accused in court premises is not the law. The lawyers must be booked and serious action must be taken against them as well. The Delhi BJP MLA who was caught on camera in the scuffle is a blot on parliamentary democracy of our country and the people who voted for him should just shut up and introspect for sometime.

However, if the hanging of Afzal Guru ‘Ji’ (taking a leaf out of Congress spokesperson’s dictionary) was judicial killing as the accused bandwagon likes to call it, then they must answer if their latest thrashing by the black-coats is their definition of Justice. You don’t believe in the judiciary system of the country when Afzal was hanged but suddenly see it as your Messiah the moment you stand as accused in the court. I hope you have got an answer now to why a country needs an independent judiciary. It is the same court that was your favorite punching-bag a few days ago that has come to listen to you and protect you against the hooliganism of a few people outside the court. For your Eureka moment, study China’s state-controlled judiciary system and try to infer what it would have done to you by now. Now, let’s cut to something not that important.

Two leaders of the BJP were killed in under 12 hours on 12th February. If you’re interested in names – Vice President in Bihar, Visheshwar Ojha and leader Kedarnath Singh. Cut to an even more useless news – RSS worker Sujith was killed in Kannur on 16th February. Accused are CPI(M) workers. Cut to something that has already lived its shelf-life – 1 lakh Muslims (that if they are) demanded death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari – allegedly of Hindu Mahasabha for hurting their religious sentiments. A riot followed in Malda of West Bengal. I have many left leaning intellectuals in my friend-list who go grave-silent on all such issues. Award Wapsi general store put up a happy-ending banner and ‘We’re closed now’ notice after the Bihar elections. So much so that I have come to believe that you must be an atheist writer to be recognized as dead, so much so that I believe these pseudo intellectuals take a delirious joy when they hear of somebody of the saffron shade getting killed. So much so that there is a venomous contempt for anyone bringing facts on the table and is pushed upon the procrustean bed to get resized into a Sanghi/Bhakt/Chaddiwala. No! these people are not intellectuals, they are jobless individuals who have nothing better to do.  The problem is that they are not equipped enough to find a solution. The only solution these people can provide is to dismantle the country and topple the Government. That was their stance in 1942 when they were hand-in-glove with the British to thwart the Quit India movement, when they abused Subhash Chandra Bose, edition after edition in their mouthpiece; that was their stance in 1947 when they fought for the partition of India; that was their stance in 1962 when they turned the war into a Capitalists vs. Socialists war and explicitly voiced support for China; and that remains the stance today when they have adopted Afzal Guru as their torchbearer martyr on one hand and then have the gall to appropriate Bhagat Singh as their philosopher, guide for revolution on the other.

On the same note , a few words for the self-indulgent politicians of this country-

Narendra Modi – This is the time for you to not screw this up. If you mean business, make sure these guys are given a trial without giving them a chance to complain about media -trial, extra judicial roughing up. If they are innocent, they must be set free. If they are just misled hired hands, they must be allowed to correct their course, but if they mean what they are saying and we have even a shred of evidence, then let the courts define for them and show them what dissent means and what sedition is.

Rahul Gandhi – If at all these students are asking any legitimate questions, it is you who owes them answers. The UPA Govt. in power carried out the execution. So, you joining them in protest is the dumbest thing you have done in your life. Keep them coming. You are turning out into an endless laughing-stock. This also shows how idiotic these disciples of Afzal Guru are, having no idea of who their target should be.

Arvind Kejriwal – You are a political parasite who sold his soul to opportunism long time back. Only that less fortunate beings are seeing your colors now. This country has got many devilish politicians but it will be your name that I will cite whenever I count the perils of a spineless and misinformed democracy.

If you are a Hindu and from a general category in that, get as many life insurance covers as you can because if you die in some mishap tomorrow, you will not become news. You know why? Because ‘Muslim youth dies in a road mishap, suspects on the run’ sells and ‘Hindu youth shot dead in broad daylight’ doesn’t. “You don’t influence the TRPs, you don’t affect the minority votes. You, my friend, don’t make the right noises for good business! Your name doesn’t polarize the society. My lunch gets paid by the minorities and the downtrodden of the country. You are not sellable. They are. There are buyers aplenty for them!

We don’t have a choice because we have been taken for granted for decades now. In short, the useless majority has to be okay with the fact that Afzal Guru will continue to be the mask of the ones who have been playing the ‘I’m the victim, I’m the oppressed’ track.

The majority is just a face. They see someone else in it, something else in it. For these progressive intellectuals, the majority was Capitalist then, and not much has changed today. The majority is Sanghi now!


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