We are a Generation of Media Zombies, We Need a Ghar Wapasi!

If you are outraged by the rise and rise of Dhinchak Pooja, I ask you where were you when a man called Arnab Goswami was essentially puking noise into your ears and still fetching highest TRPs of all other mortal pukers on television. Or, where were you when another man known as Ravish Kumar converted your TV into a Radio with darkness in your eyes and NDTV’s ‘holier-than-thou’ garbage in your ears?

Of course, you have no answers to these questions. You were not there to outrage then, you have no right to make any noise now. You’re a hypocrite who is suffering from selective amnesia. You’re a patron of the fiberals, you sleep with the presstitutes, you have pawned your brains to sickulars.
News channels invite 100 panelists for a debate and you are supposed to think they are serious about the subject. The moderator showers the choicest insults at the panelists and those panelists come back on the channel to take more insults on the very next day, and you are supposed to think all those camera-deprived spineless people will make a difference to your life. Award winning journalists tell you that your new currency notes will have satellites embedded in them and you are supposed to give them hours of viewership.

Journalists tell you the religion of every muslim killed in the country and you still think they are the doyens of journalism just because they tell it in English. A stringer pays to a child to say things on camera and you continue to watch that channel. You are steadily metamorphosing into something terrible!

When all that all these media agencies spit out is hate and you, otherwise a lovable person who loves his neighbour, fan the dark side of your spirit every day and each night, you become someone I call a Media Kill.


Who is a Media Kill?
Anyone who converts from an otherwise ‘minding-his-own-business’ person to someone who judges others 24×7 under direct or indirect influence of the media is a Media Kill.

One of the defining features of the present day’s media is not being able to look inside themselves. As a result, you won’t find an Arnab Goswami debating any wrong done by the Times group (remember the tale of Times of India and one Miss Deepika Padukone?) as long as he works there. You won’t find Ravish Kumar debating NDTV’s misdemeanours while covering 26/11 attacks while teaching the standards of journalism to every other network. You won’t find a Sudhir Chaudhary discussing his own lies about the new currency notes during what became an orgastic festival for the news networks that loved Mr. Modi, better known as Demonetization.


Media throws open its entire hand while pointing fingers at others. Human beings on the other hand, (I refer here to the ones who are not yet converted), are born to think, introspect, question, think again, and find answers. Media hates thinking individuals.
Hence, the primary objective of today’s media is to increase the numbers of their kind. An inward looking person is a bad panelist for their debates, an introspecting soul is a failed commerce for their TRPs, a person who judges himself instead of others has no use for the media. So, they are out there to convert you, so that they exist for eternity. Every person they convert thus, is a kill, and should be counted as Media Kill.


Question – When did you last see a Scientist or a Teacher on any Indian newsroom’s panel discussion?


How do these conversions happen?
There are different means. One is by not letting you think. Such hunters show you all that they speak in text form on the screen. Your ears, your eyes, and your mind are all engaged. After a while, you start ignoring the sound and begin waiting for the texts on the screen. The channel has effectively blocked your ears. Some channels do the opposite and block your eyes. The point is to induce thoughtlessness in your mind.
Another way is to keep shouting so loud that the noise dashes into your brain and drowns all your thoughts. You get tired and you sleep while the newsperson keeps shouting judgmental lullabies in your ears. Next day, you decide to not watch it but cometh the 9pm moment, reacheth the remote control! You sleep only after you have got your daily supply of scream-pills.

These methods are still superficial. One of the more dangerous means to gain a Media Kill is to distract you from real issues, say, you have no water in your house but media will make you believe that there are no minorities in the country because all of them have been killed by the majoritarian system, or while a community is fighting to be allowed to sing if they want to, these media vultures run a debate on whether Vande Mataram is anti-that community, or while you lament the fact that India is not doing enough on cancer research, they take you on temple runs with Rahul Gandhi and hold discussions on what’s printed on Modi’s suit. So, you keep thinking of cancer research in India for 3 days and then comes the fourth day, the day of your conversion, you start thinking about Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi!

From ‘Maut ka Bathtub’ to ‘Amitabh Bachchan ko thand lagi’, from ‘kya alien gaay ka doodh peete hain’ to other ‘sansanikhez khulasas’, media knows how to keep the kill count increasing and create a generation of Media Zombies who are going to spend their lives criticizing everything instead of creating anything!


First they bore you, then they shout at you, then you like them, then they deliver their lies to you, then they run a Save Tiger Campaign, then you convert!


Unless someone starts a Ghar Wapasi channel, I am waiting for the media to perish. I can no longer watch television until the day I get to switch to a news or entertainment channel where we are allowed to use our minds and convert back to the ‘Thinking Man’ we used to be when there was life on Mars and before the Martian media wiped it off. India TV, are you listening?

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