Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act


5 min read

I do not even remember who the poet was or anything else about the day except that I was introduced to Topsy. The poet mentioned in his poem that ‘the grasses grew like Topsy’ and I learned that Topsy was an orphaned slave girl who thought she just grow’d and nobody ever made her. And hence the phrase – “grow like Topsy”. I was probably a year or two older than her then and she intrigued me.

7 min read

No matter how far and wide we travel, how old and wise we grow, our heart continues to tick specially for that one place we call ‘Home’.The reason probably is because Home is not merely a place, but a repertoire of emotions and memories, both good and bad. Home, sometimes becomes your identity, sometimes that invisible protective shield that keeps you safe and at times a magical potion that heals you from the agonies of living.

4 min read

Night, like death is an equivalent to the universal truth, because darkness brings out the true colors of everyone. The world wears a pretense through the day, waits for the sun go down and the lights to go on for that is when the real spectacle begins. It is in the silence of the night that most of us find the strength to take off our masks, listen to our own voice and see who we really are.