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If dogs were to control this world, this world would be controlled by dogs. – Charles Dogwin

In his zeal to pack breakfast defying all odds, he had left his debit card at home. By the time he realized, it was too late to return and fetch it and since he didn’t know me then, I couldn’t come to help either. Not that I can help him now but don’t words of solidarity help? Though he had a sumptuous breakfast, he found himself cashless at lunch. He had made up his mind to go without eating and document the results of his experiment. He tried his luck one last time and checked his bag for some cash and what did he find – a 50 rupees note! Quietly he quashed the experimenter inside him and wisely had his lunch. He seemed ready to appear on a TV debate against the mighty-righty Donald Trump to proclaim the real valuation of a 50 rupees note.

The day progressed, came to an end in a rather uneventful way and thankfully so. An uneventful day in office allows him to take the first bus to home at 5.30 PM. Nevertheless, regardless of his sprinting, dashing, and charging at the bus, it was to be found brimming with people. Though there were people who were ready to stand in the bus and travel, this guy happens to be a writer. Writers are lazy. I know. He let the bus go. I am a writer myself and I would have done the same thing.

He transported himself to a bench in the bus bay to wait for the clock to toll 6.45. That is the time due for 2nd cavalry of buses. While hunting for the soon-to-be chosen bench, his eyes met mine. He looked at me but I drooped disinterested. He continued the bench-hunt. It felt as if neither of us was ready to break the ice. I was just about 30 meters away from him. After a few curious exchange of glances, he immersed himself into his phone. I couldn’t care less. After a few seconds, it seemed like he was uneasy. He was probably hungry. He had only a 5 rupees coin and a 2 rupees in coupon currency (I hope you understand what’s coupon currency. They give you that when they don’t have any change left.) from the food court vendor. With a hope to find some more coins to complete a 10 and buy something, he examined his pockets. Whoa! It turned out that he had some more cash neatly kept in the hip pocket of his trousers. He looked a completely different man. A sudden buoyant spike in the mood induced by good food brought him up to me. Even though he came close, he seemed shy. Striking a conversation with a couple of more people who were standing by me, he seemed to be waiting for me to break the ice. I rose up and sauntered up to him. Bingo! That’s what he was waiting for. I cannot begin to articulate the love in his embrace. He cuddled me up without caring an iota about the place or the people. I could see him removing his splint from his injured wrist so that he could caress without hurting me. He told me his story of the day till it was about 6.40 PM. I have told you almost everything that he shared with me. I’m sure there is much more to know about him. He has promised to meet me tomorrow. I shall wait for his story to unfold the way he wants. You see, I am not somebody who would force you to tell me something if you don’t feel like telling. I’m sure he will open up to me gradually as he gets to know me each passing day, provided he keeps his promise to meet me. Otherwise, I am not going to chase him. I believe in individuality of living beings.

Okay, I have proved that I am not a narcissist. Not that anyone calls me that but Labradors are known to be such. I am different. But let me tell you a bit of my story now. Won’t you? My name is Brandy. I work as a member of the Bomb Detection Squad at Infosys Limited in Bangalore. They say I am a Labrador when people ask my lineage. I don’t really care. I am 1.5 years old. My skill development in bomb sniffing started from the age of 6 months at Commando Kennels in Secunderabad. Anyway, the training is an everyday thing and I just hate it. You think it is just you who hates his job?
But then somebody has to take the risk to save thousands of lives. I am Batdog. Silly joke, I know. To tell you some inside information, I am obsessed with girls and I love cuddling and getting cuddled. I love sleeping too but I don’t get enough time to do that. Cuddling – I couldn’t ask for more. I am on vigilance from 7 to 11 AM and then again from 3 to 7 PM. That’s like an entire day, 7 days a week. I’m quite a rock-star on the campus though. In only about 2 months, almost everyone here loves me. I know how it is to be loved by so many people. I am so delighted to add one more name to the list today. This guy seems to be a nice chap, good that he missed his bus. What do you guys say in such situations? Yes, everything happens for a reason.

If dogs could write books, the only genre available would be Love & Romance, Non-Fiction. – Bob Kanine

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  1. Love the quote at the end. Labradors are such intelligent dogs. I once saw a Japanese film about a Labrador that was training to be a guide dog. You might enjoy it also, it was called Quill and was released in 2004.

  2. This is very creative. Love it. I like how later in the story it’s revealed that it’s about a Labrador. Makes you continue to read. Awesome!

  3. That quote made my laugh a bit ♥ But back to the point of this article. I found it really interesting, during the reading. I was enjoying every single line and I really like this writing style. In her situation, I would be probably a bit confused and surprised, but on the other side I´m pretty sure I came up with something to talk about, haha ◠‿◠

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

    1. Sometimes we are just waiting for the other person to show one sign of enticement and we pounce on the opportunity. That one sign can come from either direction. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your views.

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