Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Seer

Read, Think, Act


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All over the world, bookstores went away and now they are making a come back. Now, Amazon is also setting up physical bookstores. It’s like a cyclic phenomenon. And I think if you want a bookstore and you want it to survive, you might have to do two things. Firstly, you have to figure out how are you going to get customers coming to your bookstore. The next is that you need to make sure that they are gonna come back.

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From peacock tears to Aadhar, and from Gauri Lankesh to AK Ramanujam this year too has a promising list of subjects waiting to be discussed. And there this is the additional bonanza of Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble.

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Every single visitor who walked in to the prison through the special entry door paid them a minimum of ₹100. More number of bags meant more notes and extra guests for a single inmate meant notes of different colors and higher denominations too. This continued seamlessly throughout the day as if it was no big deal. The transaction looked as if it was a mandatory step of a thoroughly defined process. In fact, you can walk in there any day and you will get to witness it yourself too. I am sure there would be no need for a sting operation as such.

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While the world outside of me was absorbed in the songs and mantra chanting, my mind was busy weaving a web of questions, answers, analogies, and conclusions. Does God exist? Does Shiva exist? Who are these people worshipping? I observed both sides of the world – The God side and the Devotee side. I saw no difference. There never existed two worlds. It was one.

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Strangely enough, more than a good 30% of the protesters were teenagers and more than a 50% in their early twenties. Their eyes seemed to light up with joy at the sight of people who were scared and wanted nothing more than a safe passage to home.

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There are thousands of such arts across the country which play a very significant part in the social, political, economic and cultural history of the country. Every region had a unique storytelling technique paired with distinct musical instruments, interesting accessories and also an outfit that stands out during the performance. Each one of them even have a very beautiful story behind their techniques, instruments and attires. Above all these artists treated their art with the greatest reverence only next to the almighty.

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I did have the chance to have a regular job. Even my friends wanted to get me a better job. But I chose to have a bookstore because in the three years I spent working at a bookstore, I learnt that I enjoyed my conversations with my customers who came to buy books. So apart from my own passion for reading, I found something which I enjoyed doing. That’s how the Bookworm began.