Our Own Country

When the flurry of waves took its race,
through the mountains and valleys,
I hear the saddened cry for help,
an awful sound of woe from east and west,
water gushing all through the subways,
I see dark clouds looming in the sky,
the river full to its brim,
cars and animals floating down the street,
I see helping hands coming from all around the globe,
to caress the catastrophe with kindness,
I wait for the birds to start chirping,
sun to start shining,
flowers to start blooming,
and, faces start smiling,
I know that day is not far,
For after each night comes the daylight,
to wake us up to a new chapter.


About the Author : Dhanya Ravi is a freelance Content writer and a happy soul with resilient mind. An Ardent music lover, she believes in the healing power of music. She is also an enthusiastic activist spreading awareness about rare diseases through her talks and social media platform.

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